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Seven Ways You Can Support the ELANCO Library





Volunteering at the ELANCO library can be rewarding and fun! If you can spare an hour or two a week, you can join our team and help us maintain our collections; provide one-on-one computer/technology assistance; and help to shelve both new and returned material.





Become a Friend

Become a Friend

Join the Friends of the ELANCO Library and advocate, educate, and raise funds on behalf of our Library! Membership is open to all who wish to support the Library’s vital role in the community. One of our Friends most important roles is organizing and staffing our book sales each year.





Shop Our Book SalesShop Our Book Sales

We have three book sales each year with the proceeds going to help fund the library. What’s better than supporting your library by buying books?






Help Plan FundraisersHelp Plan Fundraisers

We are seeking new members for our Fund Raising Committee.  Help us plan the Shoe-Fly 5 Mile Race, the annual auction, and more! Send an email to for more information on fundraisers.







Donate Donate

Many people assume that our library is fully funded by tax dollars, and that is not the case. The ELANCO Library is funded 60% by donations and money we raise ourselves. Even small donations add up to fund our bottom line.  We also accept donations of books – see a staff member for more information.







Advocacy, the process of acting on behalf of the library to increase public funds and ensure that it has the resources needed, is critical to the success of libraries. Contact your elected officials and let them know how important libraries are to the future of Pennsylvania.





Be Loud!Be Loud!

To best support us, talk to everyone about the library. Instagram your book choices. Check in on Facebook. Remind everyone that the ELANCO Library is extremely excellent and that they should also be hanging out here!

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