End of “Share the Love”

Sunday, February 28th 2021

12:00 AM

The “Share the Love” is part of the ELANCO Library’s effort to promote “Love Your Library” Month. “Share the Love” is similar to the idea of paying it forward. From February 1st to February 28th, you are welcomed to come in or donate online and help to pay a child’s fine. Donors can choose any amount to help this campaign. That amount will be allotted for a child’s fine on their account. The child is selected randomly and the donation is completely anonymous. Sometimes a fine can deter families from coming back into the library. This program is to help encourage children and their families to come back and use the library.
You can donate either in person or online through our Paypal: https://elancolibrary.org/donate/
In the special instructions, please put the note “Share the Love.”